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Monday, September 30, 2019

Can Fire Drills Save The President?

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So for those who don't know, I teach Middle School.  And one of my favorite things is the Fire Drill.  It is a chance to get up, go outside, and take a break from class.

 I'm less fond of the tornado drill where you have to go into a small enclosed space with 50 other people and crawl against the wall.

I did work at one school where they used the same warning bell for both fire and tornado drills.  That was very confusing.  Do I run into the tornado or go bury myself in the basement as the building is consumed by flames?  All the bell really told you was there was some sort of impending doom and you should either leave the building or never leave the building.  Unsurprisingly, that school did not succeed and is now closed.

But I digress.  The fire drill has it all.  Fresh air, sunshine (who would do a fire drill in the rain?), and some bonus time off of work.  You count your students then hold up a little green card.  There is always one student who chooses to go to the bathroom or his locker and holds everyone up.  Or maybe that is his way of giving back to his teachers?  Either way, what is suppose to take a few minutes often turns into a longer event.

For what it is worth, I believe fires can actually happen anywhere.  With that in mind, why don't we do fire drills other places?  Boring meeting? Fire Drill.  To many emails in the inbox and dozing off? Fire Drill.  Just got done hanging sheet rock and need a water break? Fire Drill.  About to be impeached? Fire Drill.

Donald Trump
In fact, this could be the answer to the president's current problems.  As I understand it, the head administrator is the one who determines the need for a fire drill and assigns the time to do it.  So there you have it President Trump, another possible solution to ongoing troubles. 

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