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Friday, July 7, 2023

INPassage now available!


Pitch only knows a few things. There are people hunting him. Indeed, those men killed his partner. Pitch knows he needs to get a gun. He is good with a gun. No, he is better than good. He is a ranger, sent here from a different time. However, his injuries are dire and his memory faint. Is he here to save the oppressed or is he just another gunslinger thirsty for violence. Inspired by Louis L'Amour's "The Man Called Noon" Jerry Harwood with a dystopian, sci-fi twist.

“An outstanding post-apocalyptic setup. The landscape, the portals, the psychic powers, the centering tricks, the male-female divide. Made for an excellent read. A peasants’ revolt, deftly done.” 
– Calvin Beam, Book Reviewer

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Freckles: The Dark Wizard


Buy Freckles: The Dark Wizard here!

"The author weaves a wonderfully offbeat tale centered on finding one’s own internal power amid the surrounding confluence of order vs. chaos. This book’s superpower resides in how it connects with the reader: not by preaching, but instead by the blissfully simple act of holding up a mirror to allow for self-examination of one’s own circumstances. Turns out the coolest person in school is the one staring back at you in that mirror once the grey smoke clears.

An engaging and skillfully executed story that deserves a wide audience."
-Mr. Craigo, Amazon Review

Initial sketch done by Myles Richardson, one of my middle school students!
Initial art done by Myles,
one of my Middle School students!

At Flame Rock Middle School, you show off your big biceps, post your dimples on InstaWitch, grow a cheetah tail, or use your fairy wings to fly down the hall. For Simon, wearing his peers' opinions can be a literal event. Especially since Simon has the visible mark of a weak wizard... freckles. What will happen when Simon learns he has dark magic and can conjure a dragon? Will he become one of the bullies he hated or choose a different path?

Buy Freckles: The Dark Wizard here!