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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

 In the mood for a little horror?

Twelve Hours on the Block: The Aztec Gods of Creation trapped in a Gen Pop prison. Very Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

It Came From A Trailer Park. Fun tropes. Redneck ingenuity. My story in the anthology? Vampires killed by potato guns. (Note: While my story is YA friendly, ICFATP is overall an adult audience anthology)

A Free Short Story

Here is a short story I wrote last year. What if an autistic child drew pictures of sporting events predicting the winner every time?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Dollars

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 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Dollars 

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 Jam Sessions! 5 Stars on Amazon!!

"Its been a long time since a book made me cry, but this one just hit me hard... One very astute teacher discovers that Phillip might have an anxiety disorder. This is something that just isn't talked about enough, and kudos to this author for bringing it to light!" - Amazon Review

"My 11-year-old son dove right into this book, and as soon as he started it he could not put it down. He is an avid reader and loves books by Alan Gratz, Jeff Kinney, and J.K. Rowling; and to my delighted surprise he told me, "Dad, this is just the kind of book I've always been asking to read. The characters are just like me!" - Amazon Review


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 A New Sci-Fi release from Jerry Harwood! 

Shell is a prisoner, serving his time mining asteroids when his ship digs into a nest of space pterodactyls. In space death is usually quite. This death howled.

"Constructing his new novel - THE HOWLERS - as a space opera allows Harwood to strengthen his affinity for not only his teen audience, but also for all readers who are magnetized by well-crafted science fiction."

- Grady Harp Top 100 Goodreads Reviewer

Jerry Harwood teaches Middle School English and in a former life worked as a clinic director for a counseling center as well as a Camp Director. He loves seeing young people find their reading "channel." He writes Middle Grade and Young Adult while he drinks Cherry Coke Zero and listens to 80's rock. He has served on the Chattanooga Writer's Guild as a board member, is the Track Coordinator for ConNooga, and a prestigious member of the writing group, Crazy Buffet.

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