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Friday, September 27, 2019

Merica Made

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm pro-America.  I have been blessed and have traveled through much of the world.  I have been to several parts of Africa, the ex Soviet block, Western Europe (I even remember being there before the Euro!), South America, and a handful of islands.  I've loved the opportunities to help refugees, teach in a communist university, backpack Europe, build homes, visit pubs, and drink beverages with little umbrellas in them while basking on the beach.  But I always am thankful to return home.

And while I am not an extremist, I do look for "Made in America" products in my home country.  I purchase them when I can.  But when I say, "I look for Made in America products,"  I am referring to things like tools, t-shirts, cars, or perhaps farm equipment.  What I did not know until this week, is we are apparently now importing entire buildings from out of country!  

You see, I drive by a construction site daily.  It is what looks to be a 400-500 unit apartment complex.  I've watched them build it.  What I haven't seen until recently is the construction company's sign: 

Yes, that is right.  "made in the USA." It even has the flag to solidify the deal.  Now why would a construction company make such a statement?  And not only make it, but apart from their name and contact info it is the ONLY thing they want you to know about who they are.

There can be only one reason... other construction companies are secretly, probably under the cover of night, building entire buildings in Canada or Zimbabwe where materials and labor are cheaper.  Then they are barging these pre-built structures over, or perhaps they are tying them to large helicopters, or hot air balloons?  Yes, I think the hot air balloons make the most sense for the degree of stealth necessary.  Then, when you are not looking, they are swapping what you think is an American made building for the cheap, foreign imitation.

Image result for made in americaBe careful out there reader.  Maybe the very building you are in is nothing more than a flimsy knock-off.  You think just because you see construction workers at the site everyday, watch trucks with construction materials drive in, and see the building on American soil that the building is made here.  Be weary.  And look for the Made in America stamp to be sure.

In my research, I have found there is much debate regarding "made in America" and "Assembled in America."

I for one am now very suspicious.  But I am also an entrepreneur.  What other service fields have pure "American made" companies not yet entered?  Are our educators made in America?  What about my lawn service?  Are my local police force made in America or are they part of a vast conspiracy to outsource?  I know my bank is moving off shore as I now have to speak to computers with Middle Eastern accents.  

But enough complaining.  I'm considering getting into the game myself.  Some of you know I am licensed in Tennessee to perform weddings.  How does a couple know that their wedding ceremony is "Made in America?"  If this apartment complex construction is any indication, you can no longer rely on simple location.  The evolve company is right, we must make clear on all fronts our patriotism.

Just because you got married in a decorative barn in American countryside does not mean your marriage is on home soil.  So if you want to make sure your wedding is "Made in America" call me and I will ensure that I, the location, and all certifications are American Made.  After all, we can't be too sure and who wants to find out their nuptials were somehow outsourced to Uzbekistan? 

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