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Monday, June 28, 2021

Interview: Gabriela Marin

 Today, we have an opportunity to talk to Gabriela Marin. Gabriela Marin has written the book Made of pixels.  


I appreciate you giving me your links and I want to share those with our readers.


With pleasure, I thank you for inviting me to participate in this interview.


Find Made of Pixels at Amazon: Amazon

Gabriela's Website

Gabriela's Facebook Page



That is great. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what led you to start writing?



I am a Romanian, middle-age woman and I live in Italy now. I have three children and I've been working in the video chat industry for almost twenty years.

I bet you have a lot of story to draw on from your life experience.

First of all, I consider myself a strong woman who assumes the imperfections and errors caused by circumstances or inherent in age. I am a mother; I'm engaged and I worked as a webcam girl.

I wanted to share with others the events in my life, the good ones but also the terrifying ones.

So your book is autobiographical?


This is my first book and in the first volume I talk about everything I lived in my early youth, under the communist regime of that time in Romania. In the second volume of my book I will approach very openly the subject of video chat from my perspective as a veteran model and professional trainer in this field, as well as the circumstances that led to this choice.



I get my inspiration from the sweet bitter reality of life. It’s such a huge domain!


What are your hobbies and do they ever play into your writing?


My first and biggest hobby is cooking and, without false modesty, I am quite good at this. 

I also read a lot and I also don`t see my life without music and animals. I recently discovered that gardening calms me down and makes me happy. 

Regarding your second question, these will not be described in my first volume of my book, but in the second volume, for sure my hobbies will play a big role. 

That's if you don't consider smoking and coffee a hobby, because in my first volume you will read a lot about smoking and drinking coffee 😊.


I'd consider those hobbies as well. So now that you are published, what advice would you give someone who wants to be a writer?


To not quit. No matter how hard seems to be at the begging.


Is that advice the same you would give yourself?


To not quit 😊. To believe in myself and to stop all of the stress thinking. (Thank you, Robert.)


Do you write full-time or around your other job? How do you schedule your time to write?


Unfortunately, I don`t write full-time, I have another job. I write when I have my inspiration, I don`t set up a schedule.


When you have inspiration, how much will you write per day?


When I have my inspiration, I could write up to 5 hours per day.


What is your favorite part about writing?


When I finish something and after rereading that part, it brings me the same emotion I had when I wrote it.


That is great to reread your work and find satisfaction in it on the page. What does literary success look like to you?


A bestseller.


Well, with that in mind, please tell us about your current release.


I wrote about people very dear to me. Some of them wander among the stars. I also state strongly and responsibly that in the first volume the truth is 100%, no matter how incredible and shocking some things may seem. The “truth is stranger than fiction” cliché applies entirely to my first volume.

It's basically about birth, death, love, life and all the baggage of feelings and emotions they bring. Also, I tried to capture the political climate in my country's past (communism) and the impact it had on my generation.

So many of those themes will resonate with readers or be something that engages their interest.

And in the second volume, which is the natural continuation of the first, I will deal mainly with another controversial topic, this time topical, namely video chat. So, I will certainly not bore my readers.


Can you read / provide us with a small exert? 

“-Don’t cry, please!
   -I’m not crying anymore. Come, let’s take a photo with mom and…. (with that trivet on his head, Sandu looked even funnier than usual) Caius Julius Caesar. God, this man looks like a caricature.
Amused by my joke about Sandu, Dan joins the bride and the groom, but makes room for me to stay by my mother. I take her arm and realize I would start crying.
Instinctively, I turn more to her, so Dan wouldn’t see my eyes. All the guests thought I was overwhelmed by the moment.
This is how the moment was immortalized in the black and white photo: a ridiculous groom, a bride resigned and tired with the preparation of her own wedding, a young man with wonderful eyes and a mischievous smile and a young girl with sparkling earrings and eyes.

31 years later, that picture, buried in the sands of time, would travel to Rome. Who among those immortalized in it ever thought of that?”

 Thank you for sharing. What are you writing now?



I am currently working on Made of Pixels Volume 2.


Who are your favorite authors? 


Stephen King and J.K. Rowling, for originality and the source of their inexhaustible fantasy.


Any plans for the upcoming holiday?


For us, orthodox Christians, the Easter will arrive soon. 


I would love to see in your book how faith plays out in your journey. That has always been a theme in autobiographies I find fascinating.  

It is a perfect moment for me to enjoy cooking a lot of traditional dishes, to make, together with my little son and my boyfriend, wonderful painted eggs.

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?


Money spent on insulin. I'm diabetic and insulin is "my fuel" in order to survive. 😊


What is your writer’s kryptonite? 


Unhappiness, I can't write when I'm unhappy.


What part of writing and publishing was most difficult for you?


About writing, for me the most difficult were the moments when I thought no one would be interested in what I was writing and those moments when I struggled to write "literary", bypassing strong expressions, trying to fit into the pattern of censorship. But once I saw the reactions of those who read the manuscript, my first fear was shattered. Regarding the literary style, I realized that the description of the events as they happened, the use of authentic dialogues, these details shock with their reality and licentiousness. These kinds of descriptions are the ones that give food for thought, the ones that best achieve their goal. I realized then that I had found my style of writing.

About publishing, I must confess that I am fortunate, my publisher is taking care of everything related to this aspect.


That is a blessing to have an active publisher. Is there anything additional you want to share with the readers? 


Yes, I want to share something with the readers.

By reading Made of Pixels, you will find yourself in some of the situations presented, because reality and authenticity always prevail and our day to day lives are not that different. You will have fun and you will cry; you will be naturally indignant in the face of the injustices of life and a totalitarian regime. But most importantly, you will find yourself pondering the weird and sometimes extreme scenes of someone else's life. You will imagine, putting yourself into the characters shoes, wondering if you would have chosen a different path.



 I think that is a meaningful insight. One more time, where can someone go to purchase your book?

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Find Made of Pixels at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092W4YGYB

Website: https://gabrielamarinautho.wixsite.com/gmauthor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gabrielamarinauthor/


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