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Friday, June 11, 2021

Jam Sessions available in stores!


I read this book with my class, and the kids and I loved it. Phillip's story is so relatable without being cliche. He is a main character who is so much like many of the kids in our school, and my students connected with him immediately. There were moments of laughter and a few tears, and we enjoyed all of it! My class is asking for a sequel! In addition, the author donated a class set of books to my class. He is both talented and kind. Thank you, Mr. Harwood.

    - Michelle Gildersleeve        

And you can buy a classroom set for under $3

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I just finished this book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a mental health therapist and worked with adolescents for several years. I highly recommend this book to parents of preteens and for any middle school aged child (or younger) that is experiencing anxiety, feeling isolated, bullied, or going through upheaval. Being a middle schooler is difficult. It could also be very helpful as preventive maintenance - a way to open a dialogue with your preteen about how to handle the roller coaster on which they are about to embark.

It’s a page-turner that kept me engaged. I really cared about the characters, and actually became emotional while reading the epilogue. You have to buy this book. It can help us all grow lenses on how to help young people in their struggles. I think I may buy several to hand out as gifts.

        - Dino Smith

Jam Sessions by Jerry Harwood caused flashbacks to my own middle school life. I was bullied, and my anxiety was definitely going strong during those years. I love that Jam Sessions explores the real life difficulties and the real life successes that kids go through in middle school.

This is an easy read. Short chapters, with light but still talented writing, creates a great little book with a lot of great lessons. I wish I had some kids in my life that were in this part of their lives. I’ll keep this one on hand, for when they get to this age.

A little side: I love that this author makes this book available for classrooms because I think the story would be great for middle schoolers to read. I know it would be relatable and give them things to think about.

- Jessica Belmont

 And you can buy a classroom set for under $3

 HERE: TeachersPayTeachers

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