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Friday, June 11, 2021

Lillian Brummet reviews my Twelve Hours On the Block

 Twelve Hours On The Block was released in 2020 by author Jerry Harwood and his publisher (ThreeRavensPublishing.com). The dark, brooding cover (designed by Tracy Lundgren) looked at first to be an alley at night in a less-than-desirable area of a large city. However, upon reading the first few pages I realized that it was, in fact, a view inside of a penitentiary.  


In this sci-fi fantasy, graphic, pulp fiction style novel newly incarcerated Eli, meets fellow inmate Tay when reality fades away and they face a crazy wild adventure, keeping their sanity with light hearted banter and references to mutually appreciated TV shows and movies. The scene opens one evening in a SunnydalePenitentiary cell-block, where a carnivorous, seemingly super powered fellow inmate known as Hummbingbird kills a guard and starts a gruesome fire. From there, the night just gets weirder. Musical chanting spells, inmates uprising and hallucinations... or are they hallucinations? 


One of the most uniquely imaginative tales I have read, interwoven with ancient mythology and lore in a crafty way. While this is not a genre I would normally turn to, I am glad to have had the opportunity to do this review, and experience this author's interesting style and creative techniques he used in producing Twelve Hours On The Block.

Out of curiosity I visited Jerry's Amazon Central page, his blog (Jerry's Circumlocution) and his website. There, I learned that he has written, co-written or collaborated on numerous books including his first book Jam Sessions, a collection titled: Dragons & Dribbles (cool cover image on this one), and many others.  If you have time to visit his blog you'll find that it periodically shares interviews with other authors, short stories, recipes, book reviews and more. 


Interestingly, Jerry is the son of a school teacher, and he also spent time in that field. He has, in fact, had an adventurous life - according to his bio: "Jerry has backpacked Europe, taught in a Ukrainian University, worked in Rwanda after the genocide, is a first responder, sort-of remodeled a VW Thing, and has a love for Cherry Coke Zero that is only surpassed by his love for his wife, six children, and grandson".  

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