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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Journal of Aber Crombie and My Journey Into Vella

A dear friend of mine has taken the step into the world of Vella.


Vella is Amazon's new development for kindle / ebooks. It allows authors to publish works in small chapter size bits. 

It reminds me a lot of the old batman series with Adam West where each chapter can leave Batman and Robin in dire peril. There they shall hang for an entire week with the penguin quacking or the joker laughing over some vat of something, on some railroad track, or in another precarious position. The next week the camera rolls again, they break free and solve the crisis immediately, and then begin their next adventure. I loved those shows as well as radio westerns that worked on this format. 

Here is a great article on Amazon's launch of Vella

Vella has that possibility. I like it, though there are some bugs Amazon needs to work out for sure. There is no drop down menu for the Vella store currently (at the time of this blog) and the search engine really requires a search of the author rather than the vella title to get to it. The Zon will figure those things out.

Now to my friend James Kirkland's work: The Journal of Aber Crombie:

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I was immediately hooked with the narration. It is a dystopian world (there were once inhabitants in this land) where Aber tells us what is going on, but is clearly being led by Herbert whom he looks up to. I look forward to new episodes to see how their relationship develops as well as how the world they are in impacts them. 

SEE J. Smith Kirkland's Books Here BOOKS HERE

So far only the first two chapters are up. Each takes less than three minutes to read and you can follow the story like you would a post on facebook or Instagram. I like that feature and look forward to the next episode. 

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