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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Take Me To Your Reader

 I recently had a short story published in the small anthology:

  Take Me To Your Reader

 Take Me To Your Reader is a themed flash fiction collection. This quarter the theme was "invasion"
The collection has stories (all under 1000 words) by over ten authors including a story by Dan Hollifield, head editor of Aphelion: The Webzin of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The Kindle price at the time of this blog is $.99 and the paperback is $3.48. I expect they will stay around that price though that is set by Three Ravens Publishing who produces the anthology.

So spend less than you would on a cup of coffee!! If you buy that starbucks frappe latte mocha mayhem spring for the paperback. If you are like me and go McDonalds large cup black, no cream and sugar then splurge for the ebook. In doing so you will support local Tennessee and Georgian artisans (writers are artists too!!). Don't worry - they probably have coffee at your work anyway.

Thanks in advance!

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