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Sunday, July 18, 2021

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Tour Host Lola's Blog Tours graphic
I've been asked to participate in Lola's Blog Tours!

Super excited about this opportunity to highlight other authors, especially Indie authors. For more information on how to sign up for one of Lola's tours visit her site directly 

What is a Blog Tour? It is an opportunity for an author to receive a bit of publicity through book lover's blogs. What a great deal, right? You have someone creating content who loves to read and - more than likely -blog followers who also enjoy reading. SO much of marketing is getting your book in someone's hands. That means letting them know your re out there. Book Tours vary depending on what the author desires and may include a reveal of the cover, an interview, an exert of the book, or perhaps even a review by the blogger.

For those who are reading my existing interviews and reviews from Indie authors - don't worry. I will still continue to offer those as well through the Book Blogger. Hopefully, adding Lola's Blog Tours will give even more options for Indie authors to find new readers. Keep reading!

And for those who are seeing this on my website under the heading "On Writing" know that this decision on my part comes directly from Stephen King's book with the same title. He states clearly that any writer must be an avid reader. For that reason, I seek to read a lot whether it be listed best selling fiction, nonfiction, mainstream authors, small press publishings, or Independent authors.

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