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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Stuff to do in the quarantine

So my son and I have talked for years about building some Star Wars outfits.  In fact, we even began a clone trooper outfit.  But at the last ConNooga (we are both lovers of sci-fi, my next book is in this genre) we met and spoke with two groups: The Mercs (Mandalorian Cosplay) and Chattooine.

I've now attended the Chattooine monthly meetings (and even won a few giveaway prizes!).  It is a tremendous group of folks.  They welcome all cosplay without the genre specificity of the 501st.  Further, they look for and accept invitations in the Chattanooga area for charity events.  They may be at our local children's hospital, a baseball game at our minor league stadium, at the zoo, or raising funds for March of Dimes.  Overall, a great organization to be with.

This section of my webpage will eventually be dedicated to places I will be as an author.  I was scheduled to be at a conference this spring and was actually asked to be on a panel ( https://metrothamcon.com ).
The con has been rescheduled to the fall.

But till we return to socializing, I thought I would highlight this great group of folks.  The president of the group has actually sent out numerous videos to us encouraging us during this time.  They are all very supportive of each other and those who find their entertainment and charity efforts in costuming.  At the last convention, ConNooga, they ran a costume repair station.

Great group, and I hope my son and I will continue to be involved post-pandemic.  We are working on our Merc costumes now!

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