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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dating during Corona

Working from home the past few weeks has been interesting.  I am not an extrovert by nature, but I am also not a homebody.  I love to get outside.  I am thankful for my wife and kids, their company, and the opportunities we have had to go see the beautiful part of the country that is my back yard.

3 minutes from my house
However, I am mindful that some Americans have for whatever reason chosen their slice of paradise to be an undersized, overpriced apartment in a big city where people crowd together daily on subways, elevators, and public toilets.  Don't get me wrong, I have visited and have enjoyed some of our great cities.  Just wouldn't want to live there.  And even mores, I wouldn't want to be single and looking for connections during this time!

So you probably saw the news.  Jeremey Cohen.  He sees a cute girl on the roof.  He uses his drone to send her his number after watching her.  Then they have a meal practicing social distance.  My dad used to call watching women on rooftops with technology stalking, but it is 2020.  Who knows, maybe the drone identifies as a labrador and this is more akin to a hallmark movie where Jeremy's silly dog gets off the leash leading to a once-in-a-lifetime love.

In all reality, it is a cute story.  Drone Dating

But it also got me thinking.  How do people who are deeply connected not only to social media but to the social media dating scene find those connections in a world that has become increasingly socially isolated.

One answer comes from the interesting app, Quarantine Toether.  It is an interesting strategy.  Apparently, the key to dating is a positive answer to the question, "Did you wash your hands?"  If you can answer yes to this question, then you will be sent a text message connecting you to another avid hand-washer.  If this works, then in a generation we will have effectively cast all non-handwashers from the gene pool.

I hope it works out for them.  And in particular, I think "Do you wash your hands?" is a much better question than the one on POF, "Do you have a car?"

This brings us to the real point of this blog post.  Over my work-from-home tenure I have become increasingly fond of podcasts.  I have the luxury of playing them in the background.  One peculiar one I saw is the "Why Won't You Date Me?" podcast ( Link ). I would say I have only listened to one... but in reality, I only listened to about ten minutes (3/27... and confession... I skimmed to like minute 19...)  Apart from the language, it was fascinating the lady was broken up with because the potential boy found out she had been traveling.  I didn't make it through the whole podcast.  Part of the lady's dating issue may be her vulgarity and crassness.  But, I'm sure she is happy to know out there somewhere is a man on a rooftop with a drone.

This led me to another podcast I was recommended to watch.  The Joe Rogan Experience.

The JRE Podcast was dealing with social connectivity issues as well.  While not specifically dating, they were discussing the reality of depression, anxiety, and increased suicide rates for those in social isolation.  They were also wearing aluminum foil NASA suits.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number will still be answered after the Minnesota crisis hotline has shut down. But the reality is true.  It is hard right now to socially connect.  Whether you are feeling the isolation yourself or you are ok, let me encourage you to make a list.  Then make some calls.  Call your mom, your college roommate, that guy you worked with and said you two would always keep in touch, whoever comes to your mind.  Reach out.  It will be good for you and good for them.  And if you don't have anyone, wash your hands, go up on the roof in a swimsuit, and wave at the drones.

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