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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Michael Sullivan's Legends of the First Empire

Age of Death by Michael J. Sullivan

So, Michael Sullivan had me captivated from the opening chapters where two very odd companions enter into a city and meet a band of misfit children.  From there, I have loved immersing myself in his world.  I am currently finishing Age of Death and I am already sad that the journey will soon be over.

As a writer, I have also truly appreciated the forwards and afterwards in the book.  Michael Sullivan takes time to discuss his writing style with the reader and how he has developed the story for our consumption.

I enjoyed Game of Thrones, though I set it down somewhere around book six and picked up the HBO show.  I loved The Last Kingdom series by Bernard Comwell, though I haven't watched the tv series yet.  I hope this series someday gets its call into film as well.  Till then, do yourself a favor whether you read often or read rarely.  It is fantastic.

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