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Friday, January 3, 2020

Apologies for the absence

So I took off for the Christmas Break.  Those of you in the regular working world (I spent my careeer there), there is this amazing thing teachers receive called "Winter Break."  I did a lot of writing on my next book, but very little with the blog.  Time with family, with my community, and with friends dominated my schedule.  And for that, I am very thankful.

It also marked for this blog a school teacher's anniversary.  Not necessarily in months or years, but in the completion of the semester.  Thinking about last semester I have come to terms with who this blog is intended.  I have had 600 views and thank those friends and family who have taken time to read and maybe even share.  And a special thanks to those who have even registered something as an emotional support animal or gotten a dreamcatcher for your car!

I certainly want my viewers to continue and hope to provide entertaining information as well as informative entertainment.

But at a core level, this blog is being written (Oh my!  Horrible use of the passive tense?? Yes... ) for myself.  For that reason, as I mentioned in December I am issuing a challenge to myself.  I am going to look at highly recommended blog sites for writers.  I will read and post here what I learn from each site.  I am not rating or reviewing the site in particular, but looking at it through the eyes of a new writer (though one who has had a bit of life under his belt when approaching the task).

I am calling the sections "On Writing But Not From The King" (OWNFTK).

On Writing But Not From The King is inspired by my second reading (I read it when it came out decades ago).  I will be looking at blog sites that are highly recommended within the writing community.  My goal is to do so through the eyes of a new-ish member to the writing community.  I will be posting in these blog posts what I have learned from each site.  I hope you find it helpful in your own journey as a reader of literature or as a writer.

Ready?  Here we go 2020!!

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