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Friday, January 3, 2020

OWNFTK: Writer's Helping Writers

 "On Writing But Not From The King" (OWNFTK).

On Writing But Not From The King is inspired by my second reading (I read it when it came out decades ago).  I will be looking at blog sites that are highly recommended within the writing community.  My goal is to do so through the eyes of a new-ish member to the writing community.  I will be posting in these blog posts what I have learned from each site.  I hope you find it helpful in your own journey as a reader of literature or as a writer.

Wow!  That is all I can say.  Wow!  I hopped on this site to see what it offered.  When I made myself stop (I may or may not have been in a professional development meeting for work...) I had no less than 13 tabs open for me to look at later!

I have links regarding a really cool thesaurus for describing urban locations (I grew up in the country).  There are sample pages and it looks great.  Their post before Christmas has several sample thesaurus entries over various topics (emotions, action, etc...) and it was the "Christmas Present" my writing group printed and distributed to each other.

I have a link regarding quick facts about westerns (I'm currently trying my hand at a western).

Here is one on parts of a western coach!==>

There is a section on resources including one on the Choppy Shop.  This is a group that critiques young adult pitches and query letters.  As someone who just finished a Middle Grade reader, I am excited about this affordable resource.

Choppy House

There is also a link to a free workshop (assuming you meet requirements and apply correctly) for the first five pages of a finished manuscript.

There is a list of group specific free dictionaries (British, Navy, NYC slang, Math people, etc...)

Overall, their primary product is their own works.  It seems most are books helping writers with language.  How to describe emotions, places, and to make your writing more vivid.  It is officially the first blog I have subscribed to with my new pristine writer's email.

If you are a writer, I would highly recommend this site.  If you are not a writer, I would suggest it is still worth a glance.  Scroll down and look to the right for the menu links.  Maybe something will strike your interest!

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