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Thursday, January 9, 2020

OWNFTK: Eadeverell

 "On Writing But Not From The King" (OWNFTK).

On Writing But Not From The King is inspired by my second reading (I read it when it came out decades ago).  I will be looking at blog sites that are highly recommended within the writing community.  My goal is to do so through the eyes of a new-ish member to the writing community.  I will be posting in these blog posts what I have learned from each site.  I hope you find it helpful in your own journey as a reader of literature or as a writer.

Today I took time to look at:  https://www.eadeverell.com/worksheets/

Writers Helping Writers offered a myriad of options and rabbit trails.  I could literally (and have literally) spend hours following the site's many offerings.  Here, the site is much more specific.  It focuses on helps to plot material, character, and worlds. There is a very long video (I admit I only made about 10 minutes) showing an involved technique to create a fantasy world. 

I have learned in the last year that writers often use the terms "plotters" and "prancers."  According to James Scott Bell's Great Course (a must I think for new writers!) every writer should know which one is his / her strength and plan (or not plan?) accordingly so that the story is helped.

I'm still learning which I favor and believe there are techniques for either side to benefit a writer.  I truly appreciate this website's character sheets and other worksheets to help a writer pre-plan and develop.  Of particular interest, I found this sheet on character logs super helpful.


There is also one to develop a magic system for your world!


Good stuff!

And for those interested...


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