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Friday, October 11, 2019

Bring your Bible to School Day could inspire a "Bring Your Stuff Home" Day?

I recently read that "Bring your Bible to School Day" was a total success.
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According to the article, this may have been one of the actual Bibles taken.

It turns out, October 3rd there was a nation wide event called BYBTSD (Bring Your Bible To School Day).  The initiative started with 8,000 students in 2014.  I'm not sure, but reading the article, this may be the first time any student ever brought a Bible to school at all.

And I could believe that.  My children routinely do not take any books to school.  They like to take jackets though.  My son once took a new jacket to school every day for three months.  On a side note, he usually came home without a jacket. Sometimes, without a shoe or some other garment people deem necessary for education.
In fact, looking over the education of my six children, I am pretty sure I have spent well over $15,000 in clothing that disappeared magically throughout the school day.  That makes my dryer's ability to vanish socks look paltry.

Some of you may be reading and thinking, Jerry needs to get control of his family.  This doesn't happen anywhere else.  Well, it turns out there are entire websites devoted to lost jackets.

Pictures of Lost Jackets

But the success of "BYBTSD" has me thinking.

What if we had a  BYSHSYPDHTBYANOD (Bring Your Stuff Home So Your Parents Don't Have To Buy You A New One Day)?

Or a YIKIWUOBYWSNTJTWYGOTCTBD (Yes, I Know It Warmed Up Outside But You Will Still Need That Jacket Tomorrow When You Go Out To Catch The Bus Day)?

We must rally around this cause.  I heard just the other day on HBOGO (Here, Buy Our Gear Over-andover-again) that "WINTER IS COMING!"

In my estimation, if this movement could gain $8,000 followers then we could save families over $three million dollars.  I haven't checked the numbers, but I think that math is pretty accurate.
But in truth, I know we are talking about two separate things.  No, not Bibles versus jackets.  Going to school versus coming home.  The Bible to School Day program states that this year they increased from the original 8,000 participants to over 670,000 students participating.

That is a lot of Bibles taken to first period class!  What the article doesn't relate is that, like the jacket conundrum, only 7 Bibles made it back home that afternoon.

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