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Monday, November 8, 2021

Review: Escape the Amoz

I held a booth at NextChapter Con this year. It is a con for independent authors to share their works with the public. I had a great time and loved meeting so many avid readers. Thank you! You are awesome!

As a reader myself, I came home with almost as many books to read as I sold of my own. One book I brought home was Escape the Amoz by Nancy Jo Wilson. It is roughly the story of the Exodus with a few modern twists and a whole lot of sci-fi. I read it in two sittings and thouroughly enjoyed the tale. It is, for me, the reminder that there are so many great stories out there. One reason I do this blog is because I want to promote great story. There are those exceptional, beyond all expectation stories that gain global recognition such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Green Eggs and Ham. There are some that gain global recognition because the media world is hungry for anything that isn't Fast and Furious 37: Racing in Rockiing Chairs. These stories are easy to find in almost any bookstore, on lead pages of Amazon, or wherever you see book promotions (for one of my kids that is taco bell $5 boxes. Whatever is advertised on those totally captivates him). But there are still other, amazing fun stories out there to enjoy. Escape the Amoz is definietly one to check out. 

Here is my review as posted on Amazon and Goodreads:

When i began reading the YA sci-fi novel, Escape the Amoz, I immediately thought the story would connect with many of the minority students I teach. In a good sci-fi world build, there are have's and have-nots. There are those in luxury and those in poverty and oppression.  Reminiscent of the Exodus story there is a leader who can help. Caleb is thrust into awareness of the problem as a young man when his father is unjustly arrested. However, in a good Heroe's Journey model, it is three years (during which Caleb buffs up on the farm) before he unites with Galax and One Corp to lead his people to freedom. While OneCorp represents the deliverer in the Exodus story, including OneCorp's decision to take the oppressed people led by Caleb to the mountains, a poor tactical decision, it has a great sci-fi flare. 

While the novel could benefit with a cover more specific to the story (the one there is a bit generic) and page numbers, the content is golden. Definitely worth the read.

Also, if you live in the north Georgia area, keep an eye out for NextChapter Con 2022. It is a great place to come celebrate stories, support some local artisans (authors are artists too), and get to meet so many fun people. I chatted with a man in his 70's spinning tales of his rather wild youth, a tallented author writing were-otter stories, a author telling tales of a man whose wife passed and he goes unhinged... in a funny good way, and some great cut 'em up zombie books.

Their website is here: NextChapter Con 

Also, check out their "GOAT reads" program. It is pretty awesome.

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