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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Interview with Khaled Talib


Today, we have an opportunity to talk to Khaled Talib.  Khaled has written the book, Spiral, a thriller.  


First, let me thank you for joining me.  I appreciate you giving me your links and I want to share those with our readers.









That is great. Can you tell us a little about yourself? 


I’m a former magazine journalist and Public Relations consultant. I’ve authored five thrillers since 2014. I live in Singapore. 

What led you to start writing?

I believe some of us are born with a gift, and sooner or later it will manifest in the way you think and act. I’m more interested in the world of imagination rather than fixing things or trying to solve answers to mathematical questions. I can’t sing for nuts, but why are some people able to sing or excel in sports? There you have it…it’s a gift. 

You might be able to learn a craft, but will it be natural? Some people are multitalented; in my case, I seem to be interested in telling stories. Ideas are always pouring out of that mental faucet. Even if I try to ignore those ideas, I’ll only be lying to myself. Besides, I enjoy what I do.    


Where do you get your inspiration, information, and ideas for books?


I get my ideas from everywhere. It could be an interesting article in the newspaper or a personal experience. Recently, someone emailed me something and as we corresponded to and from, I received an epiphany, inspiring me to write a synopsis for a new book. I’m still working on the draft idea, but I’m getting there.   

 See Khaled's Website Here

What is your favorite part about writing?


When the plot comes together. I like the smooth process writing page after page without hiccups in between. I dislike getting stuck in a ‘writing quicksand.’ Then I’ll have to wait it out to find a way to escape because if I don’t the story is as good as dead.   


What does literary success look like to you?

When readers enjoy my work and leave a nice review… when they email me and tell me how much they enjoyed the book. Simple things…


It is always great to know a reader has connected with your work. Please tell us about your current release so our readers can connect to it.


Spiral is a story about a downtrodden Australian man who moves from one state to another to begin life anew after a tragedy. But he finds himself in trouble again. He eventually meets an indigenous man who teaches him how to free himself from the shackles of his past. 

 See Khaled's Twitter Feed Here

Can you provide us with a small exert?  


The old man stepped back and looked at Laurence askance. “Bamapana…he’s inside you, mate. The demon is causing big mischief, picking your soul. You must be strong to fight Bamapana.” 

“Piss off! I don’t have time for your bloody superstition,” Laurence said.  

The indigenous man slipped his hand through the door gap and placed his palm on Laurence’s heart. 

Laurence grabbed the aboriginal man’s wrist. “What do you think you’re doing?” 

“Bad man took the woman.” The old man’s eyeballs shook behind their closed lids. “Bad man…Bamapana bring evil.”

Laurence cocked his head. “Woman? How did you—?” 

“Bamapana…he tricks men…he creates trouble…big, big trouble.”  The whiteness in the indigenous man’s eyes expanded in fear. “Follow me.” 

 “Follow you where?”

“Follow me.” The aboriginal man disappeared behind a few cars. 

 Laurence trailed the old man as he headed towards a green Ute, a vehicle with a tray back, parked parallel at the side of the road. He signaled Laurence to climb into the back.  “Lie down and cover yourself.” 

 “Where are we going?” Laurence drew a plastic sheet over himself.

 “To find you.”


Thanks for letting us see a snippet. Any plans to come state side?


I was thinking of visiting New York city next year in the summer. Let’s see how it goes. With this C-thing around, you just never know. Central Park and The Metropolitan Museum of Art are some of the places I really like to see. Also, I’d like to try the Reuben sandwich and a bagel.



All writers seem to have something that they struggle against. What is your writer’s kryptonite? 


Nighttime. I can no longer write at night. I can think about the project, but I have more energy in the morning.  



I can empathize with that. I have always been a morning person. Since it is getting late, I'll let you go. One more time, where can someone go to purchase your book?








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