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Monday, April 19, 2021

Review: Zombie Road:Convoy of Carnage


Zombie Road: 

Convoy of Carnage

by David Simpson

Truckers vs Zombies. 

Plus some high school 

students and a few 

high rise office workers.

I bought a copy at an indie author book date because I liked the cover and enjoy a good zombie story. The story had a fast, brisk pace. There are never more than a few pages before some action and Simpson does a great job leading characters from one crisis to the next. There is not a lot of inner reflection and what is there serves the plot well. The various threads are great and I found it easy to navigate from one to another. The characters are fun: Tiny, Gunny and Jessie being my faves.


I’ve read other reviews about the politics and stereotypes. Maybe it is different as one reads the series, but I was not offended. I found the characters relatable either because I have acquaintances similar (including being a parent to several high schoolers) or because they are well written even when borrowing from long worn characterizations from other books, shows, and movies. I didn’t pick up the book in hopes it would agree with every political whim I have. I picked it up to escape a bit while some really fun characters banter, run over zombies, and survive. I read zombie stories to be more of a Giligan Island tale than The Great Gatsby. Giligan, by the way, had lots of stereotypes and was a great show.


ZR reminded me a lot of my other fave, Zombie Fallout. I will certainly pick up Part two down the line, even though part one stands as it’s own story with a satisfying ending. Well written and fun.

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