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Friday, April 2, 2021


Blog Tour: Go check out these great blogs (and see my book Jam Sessions promoted!)

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April 15th

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April 16th

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As an independent

 writer, writing is only half the journey. Actually, it is probably a third of the journey. Then there is content editing, editing again, proofing, copy editing... I recall as a kid doing woodworking projects with my dad. We would cut the pieces to whatever we were making in one night. Then there would be four or five nights of sanding. My dad never made me work in his shop, but when I showed up to be with him I couldn't move on to a new project until I had finished sanding the one on my workbench.

While some writers, including myself, set a first draft aside for a bit before returning, I think the analogy still holds.  I am thankful for the friends and the hired professionals who have helped me develop my craft. 

Once the "sanding" is done you must assemble the project. For an indie writer that means epub, mobi, ISBN numbers, and, these days, navigating the "Zon" as well as possible venture into Book to Digital, Ingram, and others. I am a big believer in the small bookstore so always try and place my work where they can access it apart from Amazon. It is a labor of love since the majority of my sales are on the "Zon."

Which leads to the next point, How do you advertise? Amazon marketing? Facebook ads? Network with local libraries, bookstores, and small businesses? Move into audiobooks? Goodreads? Bookbub? Twitter blasts? Youtube video pitches? Look for a small publisher? Hold up a sign at the top of interstate reading, "Author: Will work for reviews?"

I have listened to many of my peers, read extensively, and tried several things. Up until now, I have never tried a book blog. I have taken down all my marketing except the blog for the month of April and May. I figured that would be the best way to see what the impact is for both real, tangible reviews and for book sales.

I am getting close to the final edits (just got back a paid edit to work through) for my next Middle Grade, this time a fantasy titled Freckles: The Dark Wizard. In fact, some possible art just came back.

It is done by the same young man who helped me out with Jam Sessions. He is a high school student and amazingly talented. But I digress. If you have read this far then you are likely one of my loyal supporters, encouragers, and patrons. Thank you. If you have time, go check out one of the above blogs and throw a like or comment up so that blogger knows their posting was worthwhile. We are all in this together.

Oh... and if you haven't go buy my books!  Links are on my webpage:


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