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Monday, February 15, 2021

Review: Minus Me by Mameve Medwed


I recently was given a copy of 

Minus Me.

I was given the copy in exchange for an unbiased review

Minus Me can be found anywhere 

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Medwed does a marvelous job of interweaving the backstory with her present diagnosis with her future plans. There are not the clunky flashbacks that can plague a novel. Rather there are the moments of memory anyone in Annie’s situation would have. I have lost several loved ones in my life. I recall one filled out a “About Me” book in her last days. It was a joy to see parts of her past I never knew. Medwed gives us those insights to Annie throughout the narrative.


I’ll pick one moment to illustrate the almost melodic movement of the story forward while telling us why these characters are so in love: Annie pulls up to where Sam is and considers lying to him about being at the doctor. She reflects how easy her mom could do such tasks (and her mom is definitely coming into the story soon like a whirlwind!), then she tries and tell Sam. In the process she exposes his “foibles” that she finds so endearing and is reminded of the two of them skipping down the high school steps in their youth.


Of course, the real impetus of the book is Annie looking forward to a time after she is gone. In particular, how will Sam go on “minus me.” She leaves detailed instruction, including never to mess with the delicious PAUL BUNYAN “Samwhich” at the sandwhich shop. The story has strong, likeable characters, even Ursala. It has enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages. It has moments where you are cheering for Annie and moments where you want to tell her she isn’t making the right decision. Throughout, it reflects how love truly is. It can be hard, it can have times of tension, but if it is true, then as one of Annie’s post-it notes declare, it is all you need. Well, that and a little Hope.

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