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Saturday, January 23, 2021

My favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie


 Yes, a recipe. I have had a few people ask me for recipes I make. So I thought I would do it here. I will start by writing a seven page novel about my childhood and how my grandmother used to....

No. No. No. I hate the recipe blog that you have to scroll for three minutes past multiple ads and text to get to the thing you want to make. Especially when you discover that their recipe involves things like trips to the Himalayas or eye of newt. No. Simple. Easy. Readily enjoyable. 

I am all about easy recipes using whenever I can pre-made helps. So without further adieu....


1 yellow cake mix

1 stick of butter

1 egg

"splash" of milk (3-4 tablespoons)

1tablespoon + vanilla extract (Not imitation!)

8 ounces chocolate chips

I know. You are saying, "That's cake mix. It makes cakes." Trust me.

Let's get cooking! 

-1. In a mixing bowl Soften your butter. Preheat oven to 350

(my microwave has a setting for this. Or leave it out overnight. The butter, not the microwave. Actually, you can leave them both out of the fridge. It is okay.)

-2. Add all other ingredients except the chocolate chips. Mix.

 (I use a mixer, but you can do it by hand. Just mix it well!)

-3. Once you get it to cookies dough consistency, "roll in" the chips. 

I use a big soup spoon. Pour them in and then just slowly mix by hand to get chips in every bite. I suppose you could mix the chips in originally, but in my experience they break up with the electric hand mixer.

-4. Spray a pan and scoop 1.5-2" balls a few inches apart.

I use baker spray which has vegetable oil mixed with flour as opposed to regular PAM spray. But either works.

I scoop mine by hand. A little tip is to run cold water in your sink. Put your fingers in it every couple of times you form a cookie dough ball. The cold water evaporates out, doesn't impact the taste, and makes it soooo much easier to work with the dough. 

If you can, place your mixing bowl in the fridge 30+ minutes before scooping. They cook a bit better if they go in the oven cold and are easier to hand scoop and roll.

If hand rolling balls terrifies you, it is okay. Use a small scooper. I'd get one with the lever the pops the ball out. 

-5. Cook on top rack for 11 minutes.

I let mine cook another minute or so on the pan. If you like yours with a browned bottom keep them in 13 minutes. The test I use is if I stick a toothpick in and no dough sticks (chocolate will if you poke through a chocolate chip!)

Also... I am not officially telling you to eat any raw eggs. It is a bad idea. Don't do it.  Officially I am telling you to not eat raw eggs and don't sue me if you do!! However, at my house some people don't listen to me at risk of their own peril. I might be one of those people.

Explore how big or small you want your cookies. I like cookie dough balls because they don't flatten as bad. One time I did it and it became a cookie sheet cake. It was delicious anyway. In fact, we have since done this in a casserole dish and made it a cookie cake.

And that is it. Move them to a plate after they cool a few minutes. 

Easy, and you will be asked to bring these places. I promise.

Want more? Just double, triple, etc...


A few notes: 

3 tablespoon of milk is an estimate. I'd start there, but if the dough is dry and the cake mix isn't joining the other ingredients another tablespoon will help.

Vanilla is key. I would say minimally one tablespoon. Three is probably over the top, but I'm not judging. Find your vanilla preference.  



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