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Saturday, September 12, 2020

NextCon table September 19th

Come to my table next week and see my birthday present! Very thankful for my father-in-law who has encouraged me as a writer. For my birthday this week he blessed me with a working Underwood (his last name) typewriter!


I will have a table next week at our local conference promoting local authors. I am super excited to be meeting readers. I will have Jam Sessions for sale as well as a few copies of my short stories in various volumes. 

I started this writing journey almost two years ago. In that time I have met some great people locally. A local web designer who built the web page for Camp Vesper Point (I was a previous director) has given me some advice and encouraged me. He will be there selling his series and is a very accomplished author.

Keith Robinson's webpage

I also was blessed to meet a group of writers in the local area. I was with my son at Chattacon. He was looking at cosplay weapons for a future mandalorian costume. I started to chat with the "Crazy Buffet" group. They began meeting at Ryans before it shut down. Then they met at the japanese "Crazy Buffet." It also closed, but not before they published a short story anthology. When I joined they were meeting at Rib N Loin and I participated in "Crazy Buffet II: The BBQ Edition."

I will have some copies at NextCon. It will include my first published story. It is historical fiction, drawn from my time in Rwanda in the 1990's. I think it is a good piece with a hopeful ending even in the midst of a very difficult historical background.

My friend, Kelle, will be there too and you definitely want to check out her table! She may even have her mannequin!

At NextCon you will also see several of my friends who are part of northwest Georgia's Corner Scribblers. I am published in one of their flash fiction releases and will be in two upcoming releases: Napkin Notes and Bugged Out Babblings (see my other blog post)

Their partner company, Three Ravens Publishing has also picked up my novella: Twelve hours on the Block.  (This is a draft cover and may not be the final)

Finally, I go with the blessing of my family. Since I went home and told them I wanted to start this journey, they have been nothing but supportive. My wife gave me a trip to the Atlanta Writer's Conference this November so I can pitch three of my current unpublished works: a western dystopian (The Ranger Chronicles) , a middle grade fantasy (Freckles: The Dark Wizard), and a young adult twist on King Arthur (Lynchpin Universe: Book 1: The Were Bear."

They are my rock, my encouragers, my cheer team, and my joy. And, if I can say it, my youngest daughter makes one really great homemade birthday cake with my initials!

So, if you have read this far, please come visit Next Chapter Con. It is $7 at the door of the Colonade in Ringgold, GA. There will be a lot of local authors of all genres. It is a great time to encourage your family members to read and support local artists. There will be social distancing and all the appropriate Covid safety measure. If I am not at my table, then I am at one of the two panels they have asked me to participate in. Come see me at the panel or swing back a few minutes later and say hello. Hope to see you there! 


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