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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Checkout My Podcast Interview!

Spilling Ink 
Podcast Interview
Saturday, July 11th

Check Out Other Spilling Ink Podcasts Here

My friend, Katie Salidas, has invited me to be a guest 
on the acclaimed podcast, Spilling Ink.  

Check out her awesome series here!

What I gave to Katie

Spilling Ink is a podcast that goes behind the book with authors Katie Salidas, Jason LaVelle, and David Jones.  They give an inside look at all aspects of the publishing industry. They look for authors working their way to the top of the slush piles, and see what it takes to bring a story from idea to print. (adapted from their website: Spilled Ink)

What Katie helped me create!!
I am very blessed to have met Katie, who helped me on the cover design and formatting of Jam Sessions.

Katie also helped me connect with someone on ACX, where I produced my audible version.  She was a great help navigating the indie publishing waters.  I am excited that I have been invited to interview on the podcast.  It will air live Saturday evening and can be found in archive at their site:


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