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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Where's the Beef?

"Where's the beef?" Wendy's commerical
Like Totally 80's

I heard this morning on the news that Wendy's has a beef shortage.  All I can say is Clara Peller would be so very disappointed.

Check out the commercial here: WHERE'S THE BEEF?

Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in Splash
I recall this commercial and remember the joy of pulling into a Wendy's.  It was 1984.  The year George Orwell told us that the government would attach cages to our face and let rats eat our nose if we didn't conform to socialist propaganda.

 It was also the year Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire, the Russians boycotted the Summer Olympics in California (how does that feel California?  Someone protesting you instead of the other way around?) and Apple Macintosh computers went on sale.  We had an untethered space walk, a transatlantic helium balloon flight, and Jeopardy was on television.

In film we released Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Gremlins, Beverly Hills Cop, Terms of Endearment, the Karate Kid, Star Trek III, Police Academy, the Terminator, Amadeus, The Killing Fields, and of course the Tom Hanks cinema marvel, Splash.


All of this got me thinking, where is the best burger today?  My immediate thought is Five Guys.  They have a great burger and are so confident in their ability, they do not clutter their menu with other stuff.  There are no cheese dwindles or chocolate flavored milky shakes or non-existent chicken parts such as "nuggets."  Just a quality burger and some fresh cut fries.

 hear, however, that we are in a potential beef shortage.  If this is true, we must not only embrace the chain restaurant delivering quality and quantity.  We must also look local to potential options.  I remembered my local restaurants.  Here in Chattanooga there are two I absolutely love.  Both have unique burger options as well as your classic cheese.

#1. DUB'S PLACE - Check out their FaceBook Page

Dub's is the home of the Red Bank Crumble Burger.  Think Krystal or White Castle but just loose ground beef, carefully held together with sautéed onions and melted cheese on a slider bun.  Grab a milkshake and a side.  They have BBQ also that I am told is amazing.  I have had their onion rings, banana splits, brunswick stew, and home cut fries.  All delicious.  And if you are lucky, you might find yourself amidst a classic car show in the parking lot or some bluegrass in the back patio area!  As for me, my go-to is the crumble burger.  Not from Chattanooga?  Well, first off, I am sorry.  We are awesome.  Don't believe me... 


But if you are unfortunate enough to not be here, try a crumble burger at home.  I do not know Dub's formula, but I sometimes sauté some onion and ground beef "taco meat style" with some worschire sauce.  Take a big scoop (this is a "Where's the beef!" post after all) and set on a slider bun with some cheese.  Delicious!

-2. Merv's - All I can say here is that this burger is so good that my wife wanted it for her birthday dinner.  Tots, Onion Rings, Handcut Fries, and full length fried okra.  Plus, amazing burgers.  And for those interested, they have a fantastic burger wrap also.

So where's the beef?  Turns out in Chattanooga, it is at your locally owned restauranteur.  Including in my city some honorable mentions:
-Tremont Tavern
-Hillbilly Willy's
-Urban Stack
- That place down off 23rd street in the back of the gas station.

Shop local!

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