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Monday, March 23, 2020

Growing up without WiFi

So a little over a year ago my life was changed by Jim Kirkland.  My son and I were at ConNooga (remember when we used to go out and get together at conventions?).  I walked by a booth that had a stack of books.  My son was busy across the way talking with someone who 3D printed Star Wars guns.

The gentleman at the table, Jim Kirkland, invited me to buy the compilation of stories cited Crazy Buffet.  I did so and talked some more.  I had always considered writing.  Jim invited me to their writing group that met bi-monthly.

It says a lot about Jim that while his book, Growing up without Wifi, was on the table that day, he was more concerned about advertising the compilation than he was promoting his own work.  It says a lot about me that it was a year later to my shame that I bought his book... at the ConNooga table...

It is a great read for anyone who remembers the days before we were glued to our screens.  The short story Coffins reminds us that every generation copes with the same struggles.  Similarly,  Money from a Car Window reminds us that we all need grace and a bit of help.  And TV and Nightmares reminded me of the power of the screen.  The book has some great photos in it as well.  Well, except for the creepy bunker door that apparently is way too close to my house!!


Grab this one and give it a read.  And if you want more after that, check out this link:

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And one that mentions tube socks!

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