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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Review: Horizons Unlimited: A Space Adventure Anthology


I was given a copy of Horizons Unlimited for review. Below is my review as posted on Amazon and Goodreads.

I love trapped in space novels and shows. Whether it is a serial like Lost in Space, more comical like The Hitch Hiker’s Guide, a more modern twist like Gravity or And Weir’s The Martian and recent Hail Mary. There is something fun about getting to know characters, watching the pressure of their situation mount, and seeing how they respond. Part of good sci-fi is crafting an interesting universe. Beckwith has an interesting spin on beloved sci-fi tropes: What if we can convert matter to energy and vice-versa? This notion sets the world for a fun adventure in Quicksilver, the first story opening up the universe for other tales. As Beckwith’s character reminds us of the Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ While the universe sets the stage, I am happy to report Beckwith’s characters are extremely like us and a the safety of a Sarah’s husband will still boil down to prying a password out of an unwilling crewmember. Overall, these are three easy to read, fun stories with the possibility of more to come.


Beckwith is part of The Corner Scribblers and has participated in several of their collections:


He also has his own writings that can be found on his Amazon Author's page. 


Beckwith's book: EConscience Beta

J.D. Beckwith is a mechanical engineer with delusions of writing grandeur. A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, he has recently taken the opportunity to try his hand at the craft he's always admired.

When he isn’t working on either expanding his bibliography, or finding more efficient ways of manufacturing things — like bulldozers, excavators, and garbage trucks — he amuses himself with reading, tabletop & RPG gaming, arguing on the internet, growing tomatoes, and herding cats… all while trying to stay hidden in the woods of Northwest Georgia.

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