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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Easy, Healthy packed lunch

Quick Meal Prep Pasta


Here is one I can make in less than 15 minutes. I usually make two days worth, but you can flex the recipe to make it for however many days you want. 

It is delicious, fairly healthy, and good when reheated in the office microwave (I hate microwaves).

Ready? Okay. Did I say this was a quick meal prep for a busy night? I did. Okay... then make sure you don't judge my dirty stovetop. This recipe is made in a "normal" house. If you own a glass stove top, that means a little burn around the edges most days.

Pot #1: Prep noodles per package directions (or precook and reuse the pot for pot #2 recipe. Then it is a 1 pot meal).

Pot #2: Sauce

    - Chop an onion and set in pot with a little olive oil (or butter). Add a teaspoon of garlic and saut√©. (I sometimes use a bit more garlic.... measure with your heart).

- Add cherry tomatoes, cover and steam on medium heat (5.5 on my front eye). I usually do about 8-10 per serving

- Steam until the skin is wrinkly like one of those wrinkle dogs (see picture to left). When you get there, mash it up all together.

- Add noodles and stir

-serve with a bit of parmesan cheese and a meat. I dice some fully cooked sausage. If serving for dinner, heat the sausage before serving.

Yep.... That is it!!  You are done!!!! Trust me, you will love it. And it can be crazy adaptable with different proteins (I love shrimp) and noodle types. I used whole wheat spaghetti here but love some penne also.

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