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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Behavior-Based Everything

See the source imageSo Forbes Magazine presented an article this week explaining how the future of car insurance will be behavior based.

Forbe's Article Here

New on-board devices allow insurance companies to know more about the drivers they insure and, of course, to pass along any connected costs.  There are limits, but soon even these will be worked out.  Forbes also notes, seemingly unconnected, that rates have increased 23% since 2011.

This all brings us to what is really important: People going through fast food drive-thrus who do not know what they want to order.

Been there?  All you want is a cheeseburger and a small fry... but the lady in front of you is asking if they have a gluten free veggie patty with sesame seeds and if the chocolate latte comes in banana and what country does McDonalds get their salt from they use on french fries and could the attendant list off every possible drink combination in the Coca Cola 50+ drink machine....

 There is a place for such questions.  It is called "inside."  Now, what I am asking, perhaps pleading, with insurance companies is to share their onboard technology with the food service industry.  Let's increase premiums where it matters.  You want to spend twenty minutes at the drive-thru explaining why you can't rub pickles on your face and need your burger prepared in a special room?  Then your rates will go up.  Or even better, perhaps your car will simply not allow you access to drive-thrus.

See the source imageThe more I think about it, my typical hesitation to allow Big Brother to control my life may be mediated if we can truly eliminate drive-thru filibusters.  And I can only wonder.... is there a way to put on board tech on people? 

It could really help me speed up the lady at the store who wants to scratch off her lottery tickets and cash in winnings before she gets out of line?

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