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Friday, July 7, 2023

INPassage now available!


Pitch only knows a few things. There are people hunting him. Indeed, those men killed his partner. Pitch knows he needs to get a gun. He is good with a gun. No, he is better than good. He is a ranger, sent here from a different time. However, his injuries are dire and his memory faint. Is he here to save the oppressed or is he just another gunslinger thirsty for violence. Inspired by Louis L'Amour's "The Man Called Noon" Jerry Harwood with a dystopian, sci-fi twist.

“An outstanding post-apocalyptic setup. The landscape, the portals, the psychic powers, the centering tricks, the male-female divide. Made for an excellent read. A peasants’ revolt, deftly done.” 
– Calvin Beam, Book Reviewer

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