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Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Metaphysical Detective by Kirsten Weiss

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Midlife Magic and Murder... and a Dog Named Dog.

When Riga Hayworth finds her new client dead, she smells a setup of metaphysical proportions. Now, to find a killer, Riga must travel from San Francisco to the underworld of Greek mythology... and make it back alive.

Donovan, Vinnie, Pen and Brigitte – the story that started it all. The Metaphysical Detective is the prequel to the Riga Hayworth series. If you like Gen-X, no-nonsense heroines and supernatural with your mystery, you’ll love The Metaphysical Detective.

Buy this quirky paranormal women’s fiction and explore the magical world of Riga Hayworth today!

Read an Excerpt

It was nearly five o’clock, still light out, and Riga figured she had time for a quick drink before dark. She grabbed her suede jacket off the office’s lopsided coat rack and ducked past her neighbor’s martial arts studio.

Thuds and masculine grunts drifted through its frosted glass door. She’d missed old Mr. Chen’s last two classes and knew he’d be coming after her soon, demanding explanations.

Riga trotted down the stairs to the ground level. The first floor had been leased to a billiard parlor – her default social life. It served beer and cheap, airline-grade wine. She’d taken to keeping her own bottles behind the bar in self-defense.

“It’s Riga HAYworth!” the owner, Takako, shouted as Riga swung through the door. Takako bustled past, flipping her glossy black hair over one shoulder and nodding toward the bar. “Good to see you, hon. Your friend’s at the bar.”

Processing that, Riga peered toward past the pool tables. Cones of light illuminated the green felt and clacking balls, but the bar, far to the back, lay in shadow. She didn’t have friends.

Realizing she was blocking the entry, she willed her legs to move. Riga sensed a pair of bikers stopping play, watching covetously as she passed. She ignored them, used to the looks. She was the ultimate cosmic joke. Riga Hayworth was a near twin to Rita, the forties screen goddess, curves and all.

She neared the bar, and the dim figures resolved into three people: a dark-haired man in an expensive business suit and bracketed by two willowy blondes in silver miniskirts. The blondes twined around him, their hands roving across his broad shoulders. An image flashed into Riga’s mind of the blondes as faceless automatons. She shuddered and carefully did not look at them.

About the Author:
Kirsten Weiss conjures up action-packed witch mysteries based on contemporary and historical magical practices. Her witchy heroines aren’t perfect (and neither are their familiars), but they’re smart, they struggle, and they succeed.

Kirsten writes in a house high on a hill in the Colorado woods and occasionally ventures out for wine and chocolate. She is best known for her Doyle Witch and Riga Hayworth paranormal mystery books. Are you ready to be enchanted? Just turn the page and… voila!

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