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Monday, January 2, 2023

Interview: Brendan O'Meara




Today, we have an opportunity to talk to Brendan O’Meara.  Brendan has written the book, Cut From Stone.  First, let me thank you for joining me.  I appreciate you giving me your links and I want to share those with our readers.










Title of book we’re promoting: Cut From Stone


That is great.  Can you tell us a little about yourself and what led you to start writing?

I started writing because I always had an overactive imagination. Whether I was sitting on a plane, walking to school, or actively sitting in class trying to pay attention I often found myself drifting off to stories I came up with in my head. These stories were all based on books, tv shows, or movies that I was interested in. When I was working as an intern in DC I had more time on my hands than I thought I would and I randomly decided to start writing down one of the stories that I had thought of years earlier. After I started thinking more and more about the story I realized it needed more history to it and years later here I am with the finished product!

Where do you get your inspiration, information, and ideas for books?

I get inspiration from history and my personal life a lot of the time. When it comes to history there are some incredible stories that have been told a million times, but within those you can always find twists and “what ifs” that are fun to merge into my own storytelling. In terms of personal life I don’t pretend I’m some sort of special person who can save the world, but I write how people interact with one another and grow over time in my own life. I think that has a great connection to the reader and puts things into a real life perspective.


What are your hobbies and do they ever play into your writing?

My family and I have a very active lifestyle and that definitely plays into my writing and storytelling. I also am a big believer in spending time with friends and family which also seeps into my writing quite a bit especially when I am developing characters.


What is the best advice you have ever been given as a writer?

Your best writing comes when you stop thinking about publishing. I think that was such an important thing to hear and really puts things back into focus. It makes the writing the reason you do what you’re doing and not someone else’s acceptance of that writing.


Do you write full-time or around another job? How do you schedule your time to write?

I have a day job and a relatively time consuming one at that. I usually write at night at 730 or at 9 depending on how busy my wife and I are.


How many hours a day do you write?

I try to write a half hour at least when I sit down, but I stopped forcing myself to do a certain amount when I sit down. Sometimes if I’m stuck I find going back and editing is the best way to get things moving.


What is your favorite part about writing?

The mental exhaustion is incredible. After I finish a big chapter or particularly difficult section that mental exhaustion coupled with the feeling of satisfaction makes it all worthwhile.


What does literary success look like to you?

I really don’t know yet. I know I want to write full-time, but I can’t say I’d be happy at a low level or only with amazing success. I think I’ll have to figure it out when I get there.



“The world is changing. The Federation is no longer alone in the world and the BlankZone’s aggression will become more prevalent in the years to come. We must prepare in the present or we will have no future. We are doing all in our power to maintain friendly relations with the rest of the open world, and we will succeed with the support of our citizens. The embodiment of strength and perseverance has forever been the backbone of this country. We will triumph as a people, a country, and a driving force for the rest of the world to take notice. They will learn we are the strongest nation in the world, and we will not fail.”

            The TV turned off, and James turned around to see his mother holding the remote, staring shakily at the screen while his dad looked out the window at nothing.


What exciting story are you working on next?

I am working on the next installment of the Crafting Humanity series. I’m hoping to get a good chunk of it done over the next winter so I can start the editing process in the spring.


Who are your favorite authors?

My list spans a lot of different genres, but Erik Larson, Scott Lynch, Pierce Brown, Christopher Paolini, Brian Jacques, Harper Lee, Suzanne Collins, Michael Lewis, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are just some of my favorites.


What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger. It is so well written and lays out the story in such a way that it feels like fiction.


What part of writing and publishing was most difficult for you?

I think marketing is such a difficult thing to spend money on. I am fine with every other aspect of publishing and trying to get my work out there, but justifying the expense of marketing without knowing what will pan out is very stressful.



One more time, where can someone go to purchase your book?

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