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Monday, May 16, 2022

Review: Billy Summer

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A sprinkle of political jabs throughout read as distracting to me, but if Bruce Springsteen can shout political opinions then I suppose King can too. Maybe too many, especially since it was published after Trump's presidency. For me it was not the issue he was thrusting his political opinion out there - Lord knows lots of authors promote their agendas - it was that he did it in a way that pulled me, the reader / listener, out of the novel.

Otherwise, it is two excellent interwoven novellas. The first about a Birman performing a job. The second about a man who rescues a girl from a bad situation. The second story is built on the first and uses the hit man’s unfinished business as its catalyst.
I loved the nods to Cormac McCarthy and O’Brien. The ending recalled a lot of The Things They Carried. Like almost every King book I read a little, got hooked, and devoured the story.

Not horror fiction in the way It or Carrie are. But 100% King and a great intro to King for any newbie. Or do yourself a favor and jump into The Dark Tower.

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