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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Review Kelle Riley's Read My Lips

5 stars!

 As someone who teaches and once had a career in the counseling world, I enjoyed the primary theme of trust in Kelle Riley’s Read My Lips. I can also connect well with how impactful other’s actions can be to our own lives. There is much to connect with as we are introduced to Claire, who directs the McClaire Literary Clinic. Clayton attends the clinic under a false name, Artie, seeking help with his dyslexia. Kelle then weaves a well paced story as “Artie” has several opportunities to reveal his hand and come clean with Claire. Kelle does a superb job portraying his fear: 

All of his noble urges to come clean with her had dissolved the minute he learned how deeply Peterman wounded her. No wonder she thought of men with power, money, and influence as the enemy.

- Riley, Kelle Z.. Read My Lips (pp. 90-91). Kelle Riley. Kindle Edition.


He is a man caught in a lie trying to live out the burning truth that he is in love. yet, what is he to do that Claire was so hurt by someone with wealth and power. If she discovers he isn't just a man overcoming dyslexia but an actual wealthy billionaire will she still love him? I enjoyed the fact that it is Clayton’s wealth and power as a billionaire chocolatier (and yes there are some steamy love scenes if that is what you read for) rather than his dyslexia that he fears will cause him to lose Claire. Of course, eventually Claire discovers who “Artie” really is. The end is well crafted and checks all the boxes of why we read such stories as Read My Lips. A wonderful first book in a series.


The second book promises the story of Jill, an enjoyable side character in Read My Lips. It looks to be fun based on Jill’s character in Read My Lips:

“Jill had shouldered the responsibilities of supporting her stepmother and her younger siblings from that moment on. Beneath Jill’s polished exterior was a woman determined to sacrifice herself to make amends for a twist of fate. A woman destined for heartache because she was prepared to forego love for money.”

Riley, Kelle Z.. Read My Lips (p. 128). Kelle Riley. Kindle Edition.


Taken from Author's Website
Kelle Z. Riley, writer, speaker, global traveler, Ph.D. chemist and martial artist weaves bits of her real life into the Undercover Cat Series books. The series features a scientist-turned-sleuth who juggles mystery, romance and the search for a perfect cupcake recipe.

By day Kelle is a full time chemist working in water treatment with multiple U.S. patents. At night she turns into an author whose accolades include finals in the RWA Golden Heart and numerous chapter contests. More information on her workshops can be found on her website.

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