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Monday, August 23, 2021

Review: Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas

You can buy the book HERE

 Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas does something I love to see in fiction. It flips a story on its head. Joe, a blue collar plumber is out of jail and looking to make amends with his ex and connect with his daughter. It looks to be a heart-warming story of redemption. Then enters Audrey.


Meeting her in a chance encounter, Joe is pulled into her world. At first, it appears Audrey is a one night fling till her muddling around and forwarding Joe’s personal work to her email opens another door. Joe is catapulted into a crazy, fun world with Audrey, even if he is an oddball in her world. Or as Audrey puts it, “some kind of dancing windmill on a pogo stick.”


Learning who Joe is in Audrey’s world means figuring out who he is in any world. The whirlwind of a romance with a woman in the entertainment industry twenty years Joe’s age is fun to read and Sean-Paul does dialogue well. There is more language and sexuality than I normally read, but it always fits the scene, character development, and moves the plot along to what is a satisfactory if not surprising end.


As Joe would say “Cheers, big ears. And thanks for having me here.” The book draws you in and gives you a journey that is fun and worthwhile. 

You can buy the book HERE

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